Thursday, June 01, 2006

Findng Mique

It is days like this when the urge becomes impossible to fight. I was convinced that today would be an entry not about basketball. It was my non-basketball debut. I was supposed to blog about Canada's Next Top Model. Instead, I'm initializing a Chamique Holdsclaw Search: Finding Mique (read as mi-qua in this case).

Let me take you back 12 days ago.

It was May 20th. The day my sister and I have been waiting for since September '05. It was the WNBA's 10th season opener. Two days prior we found out that Mique has left (with permission) the Sparks for personal reasons. Reports say one of her relatives was ill. But reports also said that there's a possibility she might come back just in time for the first game against the Storm.

Days came and went. The Sparks won and lost. Still, there was no sight of Mique. Left with nothing but tapes of Holdsclaw highlights and her recent pictures from Spain, I grew restless. But the media insists the absence should not be a concern. A couple of days ago, Anne Meyers said she was back with the Sparks yet she didn't play last night as the Sparks got blown away by the Lynx.

So here I am trying start the Mique search. And it begins with this entry. Mique, wherever you are, I hope everything is well and good. And please come back to the hardwood soon. I can't wait any longer.


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