Thursday, June 29, 2006

What Just Happened?

No decent person would make a girl wait for five hours. Especially not a girl as impatient and time concious as I am. Yet at yesterday's 2006 NBA draft I sat through the whole thing. From the half-hour preview to the 60th pick, between thunderstorms disrupting my cable service to trading picks and updates from the ESPN "draftcast".

I waited.

And waited.

And waited some more.

All for two names to be called: Taquan Dean and Gerry McNamara. I've been waiting for this day forever, having followed G-Mac since his frosh year and Taquan since his sophomore year. All those years just to see them shake David Stern's (or at least Russ Granik's) hand. They're my babies and I told myself I wouldn't miss that moment, that snapshot for the world. No dice. Both of my boys went undrafted.

Has it come to this point? Has it come to the point in the NBA draft where a player's collegiate success is apparently not only inadequate but means squat to every GM! But my boys are not quitters. It'll be a busy summer from these two. Soon enough they'll be invited to various summer and training camps. And they will join teams that deserve them.

I just never realized that the moment I wouldn't miss for the world, ain't coming at all.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Odds and Ends- 06/23/06

Hey, this was a long time coming. Some may have heard that Holdsclaw maybe retiring after this season. I'm not ready to talk about it yet, so I'm not posting any links about that. On to the fun stuff...

-A great blog for all Raptors fans

-I've been obessesed with this site. If you click on the free demo, you can upload a picture of anyone to see which celebrity resembles you. My results have been crazy from Rachel McAdams to a guy named Joi (3 times)

-I saw this one on the Ellen DeGeneres show. It's basically a guy named Matt who dances all over the world.

-I've been going to this site for so long and I'm yet to advertise it til now. Fabulous site for all CP3 fans.

-Oh and here's the mystery behind the Miami Heat mystery bowl. Just a bunch of mess but congrats to the Heat!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Bye, bye Red Rocket

In case you haven't heard, Raptors' Matt Bonner has been traded to San Antonio. While the news saddened me, I'm also glad that the Raps now have a legit center.

Nevertheless, the Red Rocket will be deeply missed in the T-dot. It's too bad that all the while he was here, I never once encountered him in the subway. And that's unfortunate because I'm a big commuter myself. Sayonara, Bonner. Nothing but love and well wishes.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Odds and Ends- 06/12/06

Are you ready? This is not your usual basketball entry. This is my only link for the "Odds and Ends" last week and maybe this week as well. This is my senior will. It may be a year late but the insipiration (Sweet Valley High book) came at an unexpected time. Unfortunately, I only included people from my senior class. And also this scanned page is courtesy of "The Notebook", a legacy to the class of 2005. Without further ado, click the link for a better view:

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Love Will Lead You Back

See, all I had to do was look for her. I'm not one to toot my own horn, but I'd like to think I had something to do with Mique rejoining the Sparks. (Ok, I know I have nothing to do with it. But let me just get my shine on.)

I initialized the search and the Times reported her return within 5 days. It was the highlight of my day. Seriously though, my prayers are with you and your family, Mique. Glad to see you back.

Since my intentions and prayers were nothing but love, I never doubted her return. And though I'm used to people departing my life, I've also learned what Peyton (from One Tree Hill) took a long time to realize: People always leave but sometimes they come back.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Odds and Ends- 06/04/06

Before I post any links, there's a latest report for the Finding Mique search. According to Coach Bryant, Mique is expected to be back in practice today and might play for the Sparks-Shock game. Now, since that's out of the way...on to the links.

-Remember that weird sketch I posted a week ago? It was for the WNBA.com fan blog, entitled "The Perfect WNBA Player". So sorry if it creeped anyone out

-I'm a big "Saved by the Bell" fan, so go get those papparazi Lisa!!

-I guess it's Dallas vs. Miami in the finals...

-Condolonces to Delisha Milton-Jones and her family. There's a little note here that her grandmother recently passed away

-Vote! Vote! Vote!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Findng Mique

It is days like this when the urge becomes impossible to fight. I was convinced that today would be an entry not about basketball. It was my non-basketball debut. I was supposed to blog about Canada's Next Top Model. Instead, I'm initializing a Chamique Holdsclaw Search: Finding Mique (read as mi-qua in this case).

Let me take you back 12 days ago.

It was May 20th. The day my sister and I have been waiting for since September '05. It was the WNBA's 10th season opener. Two days prior we found out that Mique has left (with permission) the Sparks for personal reasons. Reports say one of her relatives was ill. But reports also said that there's a possibility she might come back just in time for the first game against the Storm.

Days came and went. The Sparks won and lost. Still, there was no sight of Mique. Left with nothing but tapes of Holdsclaw highlights and her recent pictures from Spain, I grew restless. But the media insists the absence should not be a concern. A couple of days ago, Anne Meyers said she was back with the Sparks yet she didn't play last night as the Sparks got blown away by the Lynx.

So here I am trying start the Mique search. And it begins with this entry. Mique, wherever you are, I hope everything is well and good. And please come back to the hardwood soon. I can't wait any longer.