Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A Step Closer

I created this blog because I was having separation anxiety. I had just recently completed my freshman year and (believe it or not) I missed school...mostly though, I missed writing. So I created this blog and decided to go bananas in search for a journalistic oppurtunity.

In other words, I got my hustle on.

I applied for an internship for Strut magazine but never heard anything back. I applied as a contributing writer for CampusX Magazine and I'm yet to hear anything from them. Then my twin sister and I attempted to join the WNBA.com Fan Blog and lo and behold, I found the perfect opportunity. See, all the things I applied for were unpaid. And that's fine because I don't want money. I have a job at my school as an athletics staff. I just needed a break, a starting point. All I wanted was an outlet to show my material.

So when I opened my inbox today I was surprised to see WNBA blog editor Matt Wurst's name in my e-mail. What in the world would Mr. Wurst e-mail me for? The subject reads WNBA.com Fan Blog. Naturaly, I started hyperventilating and couldn't get myself to open the e-mail. Finally, my sister clicks it open and written is a somewhat lengthy e-mail from Matt Wurst congratulating us for being accepted. Sweet. It made my day.

You're looking @ a WNBA.com blogger, b!tches! Now, even though I don't have avid readers, I will still continue to write here...complete with Odds and Ends entries at the end of each week. I will never leave anything/anyone hanging. My loyalty runs deep. But, man, am I glad I finally got a break. And now I'm one step closer. Today the WNBA blog squad, tomorrow the world (haha)...

Peace and love y'all and wish me luck!


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