Friday, May 19, 2006

Odds and Ends- 05/19/06

It's Friday! Let's just get right to it. Here come the links...

-I first became suspicious when I didn't see any pictures of her at the Sparks Media Day but I'm glad Mique is back

-I've been really enjoying myself with the NBA playoffs...especially every time I see Shaun Livingston on my tv screen

-Remember when I said me and twin are blogging for WNBA.com? Well here's the link for it

-I'm so glad my fave Danielle won Top Model. I guess I won't be writing Tyra hate mail. Also I'm excited about the Canadian version

-Oopps..she did it again

-Ricky Williams to Toronto? Now that would be interesting

Adios folks. Please check out the WNBA fan blog site at least once a week.


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