Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Not Again?

I'll keep this brief. Between the WNBA.com fan blog (Hi Pilight! Thanks for the tag.) and an internship at CampusX Magazine (yay!), my writing plate is pretty full.

For the past two days the question has been lingering in my mind: How will the NBA conference finals shape up? And then Scoop Jackson posed a question in his recent ESPN article: Between Sam Cassell and Steve Nash, who you wit?

I'm with Sam. I don't want the conference finals to be a replay of last year's. SA vs. PHO and DET vs. MIA. As exciting as those series were, my basketball veins are yearning for a little variety. I'm for dynasties and all, but I hope this year's playoffs feature the Clippers, Mavs, Nets and Cavs. Being a Toronto Raptors fan, I would rather see Vince Carter and Lamond Murray advance than Alonzo Mourning. At least VC and Murray gave us fans some memorable games. Mourning didn't even show up for work!

And with Dallas taking a 3-1 lead last night (even though MIA also has a 3-1 lead) and 2 other series all tied up, my wishes are slowly coming true.


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