Friday, May 26, 2006


No Odds and Ends this week...just this picture. I will explain it some other time.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Number One

It was ten years in the waiting. I never thought Russ Granik would actually pull out the envelope with the number one printed in it and the card with the Raptors' logo inside. My heart was beating so fast, I thought I was going to have a heart attack an early age.

Number one pick baby! That Bryan Colangelo sure has a lot of luck.

I don't usually post pictures and videos here. I want readers to focus on the words and not the graphics but this is too good to be true. I went to YouTube and found a video. I'm unable to hear the sounds because my audio is f'ed up but hopefully everyone else can.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Odds and Ends- 05/19/06

It's Friday! Let's just get right to it. Here come the links...

-I first became suspicious when I didn't see any pictures of her at the Sparks Media Day but I'm glad Mique is back

-I've been really enjoying myself with the NBA playoffs...especially every time I see Shaun Livingston on my tv screen

-Remember when I said me and twin are blogging for WNBA.com? Well here's the link for it

-I'm so glad my fave Danielle won Top Model. I guess I won't be writing Tyra hate mail. Also I'm excited about the Canadian version

-Oopps..she did it again

-Ricky Williams to Toronto? Now that would be interesting

Adios folks. Please check out the WNBA fan blog site at least once a week.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Not Again?

I'll keep this brief. Between the WNBA.com fan blog (Hi Pilight! Thanks for the tag.) and an internship at CampusX Magazine (yay!), my writing plate is pretty full.

For the past two days the question has been lingering in my mind: How will the NBA conference finals shape up? And then Scoop Jackson posed a question in his recent ESPN article: Between Sam Cassell and Steve Nash, who you wit?

I'm with Sam. I don't want the conference finals to be a replay of last year's. SA vs. PHO and DET vs. MIA. As exciting as those series were, my basketball veins are yearning for a little variety. I'm for dynasties and all, but I hope this year's playoffs feature the Clippers, Mavs, Nets and Cavs. Being a Toronto Raptors fan, I would rather see Vince Carter and Lamond Murray advance than Alonzo Mourning. At least VC and Murray gave us fans some memorable games. Mourning didn't even show up for work!

And with Dallas taking a 3-1 lead last night (even though MIA also has a 3-1 lead) and 2 other series all tied up, my wishes are slowly coming true.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Odds and Ends- 2006 NBA Playoffs Edition

First of all let me start by thanking those 3 people who commented on my entries. I can't wait to see your thoughts on the WNBA blog too. And to Rebecca: I love your blog! I've read it even before and I especially like the entry Barry wrote in April 2006 about Chamique Holdsclaw.

Now on to this entry. This is the playoffs edition. I had some good links but they weren't playoffs material (i.e. Leslie from America's Next Top Model is bisexual and a picture of Kanye West and Ellen DeGeneres). To be honest, I don't have much. I've been working on my first WNBA blog entry. And it also didn't help that there weren't any NBA games last night. But nevertheless...

-So I'm sure you've heard of David Blaine's stunts. Here's Charles Barkley trying to "beat" his record

-If you want to see more NBA videos, check out their video blog

-An old picture of Dirk and Nash partying. Check out the link where it came from. Great stuff from my fave links site.

-Another great read by Scoop Jackson about LBJ

-Now that Shaun Livingston's stock is rising up in the playoffs, it seems that everyone is whipping out their stories where they first "discovered" Shaun

That's all folks!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A Step Closer

I created this blog because I was having separation anxiety. I had just recently completed my freshman year and (believe it or not) I missed school...mostly though, I missed writing. So I created this blog and decided to go bananas in search for a journalistic oppurtunity.

In other words, I got my hustle on.

I applied for an internship for Strut magazine but never heard anything back. I applied as a contributing writer for CampusX Magazine and I'm yet to hear anything from them. Then my twin sister and I attempted to join the WNBA.com Fan Blog and lo and behold, I found the perfect opportunity. See, all the things I applied for were unpaid. And that's fine because I don't want money. I have a job at my school as an athletics staff. I just needed a break, a starting point. All I wanted was an outlet to show my material.

So when I opened my inbox today I was surprised to see WNBA blog editor Matt Wurst's name in my e-mail. What in the world would Mr. Wurst e-mail me for? The subject reads WNBA.com Fan Blog. Naturaly, I started hyperventilating and couldn't get myself to open the e-mail. Finally, my sister clicks it open and written is a somewhat lengthy e-mail from Matt Wurst congratulating us for being accepted. Sweet. It made my day.

You're looking @ a WNBA.com blogger, b!tches! Now, even though I don't have avid readers, I will still continue to write here...complete with Odds and Ends entries at the end of each week. I will never leave anything/anyone hanging. My loyalty runs deep. But, man, am I glad I finally got a break. And now I'm one step closer. Today the WNBA blog squad, tomorrow the world (haha)...

Peace and love y'all and wish me luck!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Odds and Ends- 05/06/06

This is not the 2006 NBA Playoffs edition just yet. (Why do I keep talking as if someone's actually reading this?) But I do have several NBA-related links this week. And I can't say it enough, please vote on the WNBA All-Decade team.

-These two celebrities keep getting weirder and weirder. I had no idea Tom was part of the Roc-a-fella.

-Check out Teen People's 25 hottest stars under 25

-Also, TIME released it's 100 Most Influential People. Big ups to Steve Nash for representing for Canadians.

-I've loved Raja Bell since his days in Philly. I'm not a Kobe hater but I'm with Raja on this one. And this one.

-If you have Myspace, Xanga, or Tagworld here's a site that keeps tracks of those anonymous profiles that check out your page

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Ten Years of Greatness

Let me start off by saying that I know this blog has turned into nothing but a basketball (especially women's basketball) semi-entertainment blog. But it's probably not that disappointing to anyone considering I don't have any fans. See, I've been trying to impress a certain league to pick me to be...ahem...part of their blog squad. So please bear with me. Plus I think the Odds and Ends entries somewhat makes up for the lack of non-basketball material.

But enough with the apologies and let's move on to the game of basketball. First of all, this has been one of the best NBA first-round playoffs ever! But more on the NBA later (as I am planning to do a special Odds and Ends 2006 NBA Playoffs in the next few weeks) and on to their female counterpart. The WNBA kick-started their 10th season yesterday in preseason form. Upon their 10th year anniversary the league is planning on several features, such as the WNBA All-Decade Team. So far they've narrowed it down to 30 players. Some players I felt were left off (Nikki McCray) and some didn't deserved to be nominated (Diana Taurasi). No offense to DT and her fans, but based on longevity, she just aint there yet.

My final list is based on several categories: statistical poweress, role into developing the game, pro career success and overall basketball talent. Honourable mentions: Teresa Weatherspoon, Janeth Arcain and Dawn Staley.

Cynthia Cooper, Tina Thompson and Sheryl Swoopes aka CC, TT, and SS:
Probably 3 out of the 4 easiest picks. These three players have won 4 consecutive WNBA championships. Collectively we are talking about 5 MVP awards, 2 All-Star MVPs and numerous All-WNBA selections.

Lisa Leslie:
Antoher easy pick. The best post player to ever play WNBA basketball. And again countless league awards: 3 All-Star MVPs, 2 league MVPs and 1 Defensive Player of the Year. Add that to the back to back championships and being the first WNBA player to dunk in a game.

Ticha Penicheiro and Yolanda Griffith:
If you consider them as one, it's a no-brainer that they're legendary players and all-decade team caliber. But individually, Yo is an easy pick (MVP, DPY, Newcomer of the year) and Penicheiro's case becomes quite arguable. But if you think about it, Penicheiro has been the league's assist leader in 6 out of 9 WNBA seasons and quite frankly, no one can pass the ball as well as Penicheiro.

Chamique Holdsclaw:
Because she revolutionized the game. Because she is the only player to lead the league in both scoring and rebounding (even in the NBA, only Wilt Chamberlain can say he's done the same). The girl only played 20 games, yet no one could surpass her as the scoring and rebounding leader in 2002. Mique might have not changed the game as everyone projected she would, but she's done pretty well for herself and she aint done yet. And if anyone has tagged you as the Female Michael Jordan, I think you've earned your spot.

Tamika Catchings:
Holdsclaw's Lady Vol temmate. I know it may be a little to early for Catch to be named all-decade team but she is just too damn talented! Catch's game is so complete and impossible to ignore. And I promise you, 10 years from now, if you look back at your selection, Catch would not be a bad idea at all.

Lauren Jackson:
Like Catch, LJ hasn't been in the league too long but that hasn't stopped her from overrachieving. Personally, I'm not a big Jackson fan, but when a player has won an MVP award, a championship ring and led the league in scoring, it becomes really hard to argue her place.

Katie Smith:
I was so close to picking Weatherspoon over Katie. One because T-Spoon has had more playoff success and second because I just love her. But Smith is a prolific scorer. Spoon also had a lack lustre run towards the end of her career while Smith is still in the league and will probably continue to make history and break records.

Once again I encourage everyone to vote for the WNBA All-Decade Team. Hopefully, you'll keep these considerations in mind.