Thursday, April 20, 2006

Odds and Ends- 04/20/06

Towards the end of each week, I'm going to try to compose an entry I call "Odds and Ends". It's a compilation of links over the past week or so that are simply too newsworthy or fascinating to ignore. Enjoy...

-the inspiration behind this idea

-speaking of Lang Whittaker, he also writes a column for SI... check out his end-of-the year recap of the wackiest moments in the '05-'06 NBA season

-I don't care if they've reported that Katie Homes gave birth to some baby named Suri, I still believe her pregnancy was fake

-one of the best articles I've read this week regarding women's basketball

-on a lighter noter, here's a somewhat exaggerated yet effective antithesis to the chauvanistic notion that any guy can beat a WNBA player in a game of one-on-one

-congrats to Tennessee for landing this AND1 female baller

-Mike Vick's alias was Ron Mexico...find out yours here

-introducing one of the cutest (and i really mean this in a loving way) duos in basketball: Mugsy and Bugsy


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