Saturday, April 15, 2006

Introducing me...

19 years is a long time. Along 19 years, one would hope to have found an identity. Yet after 19 years and counting of existence, I'm more confused than ever before. About life...about everything. After (almost) finishing my first year at Ryerson University, I find myself in awe for actually surviving it. My values, principles and sense of self have been challenged to its deepest end. But I'm still here and I continue to believe...

And before I utter (or type) any more words, let me apologize to my fave journalist, Scoop Jackson. Scoop, I'm sorry but I'm totally using your format for my first entry.

I believe...

1. a blog is not for everybody
2. but sometimes it is the only option for a yet to be published, aspiring journalist
3. in God and..
4. that basketball was HIS crazy tool that kept me alive back then
5. Chamique Holdsclaw will be the greatest female baller my eyes will ever see
6. but Candace Parker will not be too far along
7. that the ugliest experiences can turn out to be blessings in disguise
8. dunzo is the greatest word in all of reality tv history
9. you fail when you stop trying
10. this cliche is tired but always true: IT'S NEVER TOO LATE
11. my hard work will one day pay off...
12. in the form of happiness and cash
13.everyone should have a gaydar
14. I have one of the most accurate gaydars known to humankind
15. and hope that rap and hip-hop artists will redeem their political purpose in my lifetime
16.no one should be given another chance, if they didn't deserve one in the first place
17.Pat Summitt has forgotten more about basketball than I will ever know in 5 lives
18.no one should compromise their being for another person
19.unless they're willing to marry you :)
20.Taquan Dean and Gerry Mcnamara deserve a shot in the NBA
21. life's most important lessons can be learned by watching TV
22.that being a woman should never be a disadvantage
23. inspite of LeBron James or anyone else in the future, # 23 will always belong to MJ


  • For what it is worth... at 19 you are good writer. I look forward to writing with you as a WNBA Blogger. I enjoyed reading your site and learning a bit more about you and what you write about.

    By Anonymous Melissa Sterry, at 7:54 AM  

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